Here’s some character design work for the main character ‘Annie’ from Annie’s Crayon Story!

-first image is of the initial character designs I submitted.
-second image is the character turnaround with the selected head option “D”

Here is the next Illustration. The Snallygaster! a beast from my home state. Sorry for it being so late!

Legend also says that Teddy Roosevelt once considering hunting this beast.

Here’s some new Illustrations I completed for another MeeGenius story written by Sheri Dillard. Annie’s Crayon Story is the story of a young girl named Annie who goes on a magical adventure through the world of her crayon drawings.

The cover title was hand drawn in crayon and Annie’s drawings were drawn in crayon with my non-dominant hand.

Horned-Winged children sketches inspired by Hazel from Brain K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples #Saga

Hello followers! I now have an INPRNT Store where you can buy prints of my illustrations! The 4 above are the only prints currently available at the moment, but I definitely plan to add more. Check back for more updates!

After seeing HTTYD2 on Friday all I want to draw are dragons + Toothless

new #CryptoCreatures Illustration! the Loveland Frog(men) of Loveland, Ohio. Frog-man creatures or space aliens?! more information online: Here

morning kid soccer #sketches + quick bg coloring in honor of exciting #WorldCup matches today. #GERvsPOR + #USAvGHA.

Some lady #Viking sketches for #sketch_dailies very much inspired by Lagertha from History channel’s Vikings. @sketch_dailies

Here’s the first Cryptid illustration from my current personal project. the Hodag from Wisconsin! #CryptoCreatures

Dinosaur pet! inspired by always thinking dinosaurs would be awesome pets as a child and Pixar’s upcoming movie The Good Dinosaur.

My favorite (probably not to scale) dinosaur as a child - Parasaurolophus

Thumbelina for Sketch_Dailies on Twitter! From the scene in the story where fishes decide to free Thumbelina stranded on a leaf from a nasty toad that wants to marry Thumbelina to his son. Thumbelina then flows freely down the stream until she is snatched up by a beetle!

W,X,Y, and Z to finish it off for #MayAlphaZoo.

Wolverine: Wolverines are actually just very large nasty weasels. They have been known to take down much larger prey
Xoloitzcuintli: aka Xolo dogs. Here’s how you pronounce the name + info. Also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog.
Yapok: also known as the Water Opossum. an aquatic marsupial native to Central and South America
Zorilla: also known as the Striped Polecat. a mustelid native to Africa. Looks like a skunk but is NOT a skunk.

I had a lot of fun participating in this project ( dustinpaints started the fun on Twitter! :) ) and I hope everyone that followed this project enjoyed my illustrations and learned something new about the animals in the animal kingdom!